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SGP Magnetic Drain Plug


Collects metal wear and adds durability to the engine life.


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Super Gen Products is offering a new Magnetic Drain plug in both 10mm and 12mm sizes.

The 10mm will fit most popular Japanese/Asian engines 80cc up to 301cc sizes.

Champion Models, 100158, 100261, 100263, 100264, 100204, 100573, all 3500w/4375w

Engines larger will use the 12mm size.

Popular sizes are 339cc, 389cc and 439cc.

Champion Models 41000 series, all models over – 5500 watts w/240v

Champion Power Equipment open frame models will use the 10mm size up to 4250w and the 12mm up to 9500w sizes.

This Magnetic Drain plug will also work in conjunction with our Lazy Man’s Oil Drain when the engine has two locations for draining the engine oil. The benefit of using the Magnetic Drain plug is that it will remove all steel particles during normal wear. Bearings, piston rings or anything with friction based contact will be caught onto the magnet built into the drain plug.

Removal and cleaning the magnet at oil change intervals will remove these wear particles, preventing them from circulating in the crankcase oil and accelerating engine wear. Most engines used in small engines do not have any filtration for the oil.

The Magnetic Drain plug will extend the life of your engine with proper oil change cycles. Protect your investment with this low cost add-on.