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SGP Hour Meter


Keep track of the life of your generator or other small engine with this quick to install meter.


SuperGen Products has a quality Hour Meter for almost any single cylinder engine with a 4-cycle design. A 4-cycle engine is commonly associated with NOT mixing the gas and oil together. Will fit all brands of Generators, Inverters, and most any other popular small engines.

The Hour Meter is powered very simply by the sparkplug receiving a signal from the ignition coil. The signal from the plug activates a sensor inside the Hourmeter that tells its built-in clock to start.  When the engine stops, so does the clock. The elasped time is given in tenths of an hour with a maximum 9999.9 hours before resetting to zero.  The self contained battery is good for about 3 yrs, of normal use.

Installation is done by attachment with the included adhesive tape on the back of the meter or by choosing the two mounting holes with included fastening screws. A small 1/16″ drill hole will fit the screws provided.  Attachment of the sensor pickup wire is done by wrapping one end five times around the spark plug lead and securing its end with the provided wiretie to prevent it from unwrapping itself. The length of wire provided allows ample distance for the meter to locate in a convenient and safe position.  It is installed at the base of the meter in a groove. It fits firmly into the groove..   The excess wire is trimmed and the installation is complete.  Overall time to install should be under 15 minutes or less depending on your choice of installation.

Written instructions are included to walk you thru the attachment and operation. It is weatherproof for exposure to the elements. No danger of any shock from the spark plug since everything is insulated from personal contact.  Warranty is 1 yr. or 500 hrs. whichever comes first.