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Lazy Man's Oil Drain

SGP Lazy Man's Oil Drain 12mm Clamp Style

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Simply unhook the drain tube from the plug and place in an oil container to begin draining oil. Check your oil level right through the tube as well!

  • Includes clamp to mount to frame.
  • No more low oil issues, check the oil through the drain tube. Don't touch another dip stick again.
  • 1/4″ inside diamter drain tube allows for fast draining. No more waiting or tipping your engine to get the oil out.
  • Easily drain oil without any tools or mess.



  • Drain Hose Dimensions: 12 in. L. - 1/4 in. ID. 
  • 12mm Plug Drain, Clamp Size: 1 in. and 1 1/4 in. (1 each) fits Champion 5000w and larger size Generators (Use only one clamp)



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